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Tuesday, January 13, 2009
Frontier Belles Sidesaddlers Perform at Rodeos

The Frontier Belles Sidesaddlers of Grand Junction, CO , have been a performing drill team since 1958!  The Belles have performed at the Denver Stock Show, Rodeo De Santa Fe, Cheyenne Frontier Days, Pikes Peak or Bust Rodeo, and many others over the years.  The Belles have ridden as Rodeo entertainment and in parades in Utah, Wyoming, New Mexico and Colorado. 

Costumes consist of brightly colored replicas of Th century sidesaddle riding habits. The Belles have seven costume changes, complete with coordinating hats, gloves, tack, and riding crops. The members have their own new or antique sidesaddle, or can use one of the many saddles the club owns. New members usually ride astride as pivots the first year until they are familiar with drilling and feel competent enough to switch to a sidesaddle.  We still have several members that are from the original group in 1958!

The drill we ride consists of fans, interwoven circles, pass throughs, propellers, laces, charges, and other maneuvers, all done at a gallop. Our dill is normally about 8 minutes long and is done to our own music. Copy is provided to the announcer.  

New members are always welcome. Please contact me for information about practices. We normally start weekly practice at PM sharp the first Monday in April and learn a new drill each year. The Belles are proud to be able to use the Mesa County Sheriff's Posse Grounds as our practice arena. The Posse grounds is located at  the corner of 25 Road and F 1/4 in Grand Junction, CO.  Please contact me, Chris, at 970-248-9720 or Connie Klauser at 970-243-0591, if you would like more information about joining the Belles or having us ride at your rodeo or parade.


 I will be proud to honor and depict the genteel ladies of the 1880's in the spirit of the Old West by representing our group in a professional manner in the way I act, look, and perform: in the way my costumes are cared for and my horse is groomed and handled so that others will be glad I am a Frontier Belle.